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Occupancy rules

Occupancy rules for all guests at City Studios, Preston

Please note the following Health & Safety Rules:

All guests acknowledge & agree they will:

  • Observe fire and safety precautions, signage, and guidance at all times.
  • Respond immediately if the fire alarm is sounded by following the evacuation procedure for the building.
  • Pay for the repair and/or replacement of any apartment damage caused by the guest, including electrical & kitchen appliances.
  • Allow access to City Studios staff and/or contractors to the apartment/s to carry out necessary works when needed.

All guests acknowledge & agree they will not, under any circumstances:

  • Open the windows of the apartments beyond their restricted opening limit.
  • Keep any pets or other animals in the apartments without consent from City Studios management.
  • Bring anything into the premises that may be dangerous or may have a detrimental effect to building safety or the health and safety of our staff or other guests.
  • Use the premises for any illegal activity and/or purpose.
  • Bring any illegal or controlled substances into the premises.
  • Bring any size gas canisters, including helium gas canisters, into the premises. Doing so will incur a fine of up £500 at our discretion, including the disposal of any empty canisters.
  • Wedge or jam open any fire door.
  • Misuse or set-off any fire alarm or fire safety appliance in the premises without due cause.
    If the guest does set off a fire alarm without due cause they agree to pay on written demand a reasonable sum as required by the relevant emergency service to cover any resulting costs.
  • Smoke inside the building, tamper or obstruct any smoke or heat detectors.
  • Use any kind of douche / bidet attachment or external hose fitting or device with our sinks. If evidence of this is found, we will remove the attachments from the apartment and the guest will be liable for damage charges of at least £500. Depending on the scale of damage, we reserve the right to terminate the booking and ask the guest to leave, at our absolute discretion and without refund.
  • Use any candles or similar objects.
  • Not bring electric bikes or electric scooters anywhere inside the City Studios building, including any of our apartments.

Guests are responsible for the safety and conduct or any visitors or guests they invite into the building at all times. You should notify reception of any visitors you are expecting, and the use of any amenity areas by your visitors is strictly by prior arrangement only.

Any guests or visitors who are under the age of 16 must be accompanied at all times outside your accommodation.

Guests must not sub-let their accommodation and are not allowed to use their accommodation to host any events without the prior knowledge and consent of City Studios Management.